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Terasa & Lounge



Terasa & Lounge Cluj Napoca

A unique destination in Cluj-Napoca, where elegance meets relaxation to create an unforgettable experience. Located in the heart of the city, Tersa & Lounge Caro Club is a distinctive and refined place that offers a friendly ambiance and high-quality services.

With its elegant and sophisticated design, Tersa & Lounge Cluj-Napoca is the perfect place to relax and spend special moments with your loved ones. Our intimate and charming atmosphere will provide you with a comfortable refuge away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Our exceptional cuisine will indulge you with delicious and innovative dishes, passionately created by talented chefs. Our diverse menu combines fresh and high-quality ingredients to offer you a remarkable culinary experience. From reinterpreted traditional Romanian dishes to refined international cuisine, you will surely find something to awaken your appetite and satisfy your refined taste.

Tersa & Lounge Caro Club stands out for its relaxing and friendly atmosphere, inviting you to enjoy pleasant moments with friends and family. Whether you want to savor a refined drink, treat yourself to a creative cocktail, or relax with a flavorful cup of coffee, you will find a perfect environment here to spend your time in a pleasant and comfortable way.

Our qualified and friendly staff strives to provide impeccable service and ensure that every customer feels welcome and pampered. With attention to detail and a personalized approach, we ensure that every visit to Tersa & Lounge Caro Club in Cluj-Napoca is an unforgettable one.

If you are looking for a distinctive and refined place in Cluj-Napoca, our terrace is the perfect choice. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, delicious dishes, and impeccable services that will take you on a culinary and relaxation journey. We welcome you with open arms to the place where elegance and refinement meet in Cluj-Napoca.